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"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither
does bathing. That's why we recommend it daily."


This site has been a surrogate for me, where sharing my most in-depth thoughts in person can often feel more like a futile attempt at talking too fast before being interrupted because no one is really interested. I am just so interested in what makes people tick and maybe I should have been a therapist, but I have always figured I might take some of my more creative documenting of every day experiences and compile it into the personalities of fictional characters in a book some day. Where does anyone find the time? Death happens, epiphanies loosen the grip of worries, life pushes on. My hair is somehow still, like, shoulder-length and I feel kind of salty about it. Change is in the hairdryer-temperature air and this has come to feel more like an indulgence of ego than a creative outlet. Even the structure of this site is a mess and I am just not going to fix it. SO! Abandon ship! Women and children first, boys! Off to start a business or write a book or something! Maybe! Ok! read more.

Solitude Makes You Better and Stuff

Here is a peaceful, rambling ode to solitude and change that is chosen instead of flying at you like that cow in Twister. read more.


My quality is slipping. There is not a single image or gif in this post. And it is about impressions. The irony. THE IRONY. I do not have time time to worry bout it, but I know. It's thurr. read more.

The Luxury of Younger Generations

Everything I am thinking about here is completely obvious, but it's nice to keep in mind that an easy life was not always so possible for someone like me or you. Who even are you? Anyway, rude people are all over the place, but they're just stressed, y'all. Like. . . more stressed than we can comprehend. . . 'there isnt't room for your bullshit self next to them on the bus' stressed. Come, calm down bout it. read more.

Hope Is A Cure For Violence

First of all, RIP: my street cred as a straight G in the realm of organized thoughts. Second, as usual, Tim Ferriss's glorious podcast hit me right in my slipping intentions with exactly the kind of conversation that would inspire me to put a bunch of rambling of my own out in this here internets. The guest, Catherine Hoke, gives felons second chances by making them entrepreneurs. You should google it. Anyway, I'm happy to not be a felon. Cool. Lets think about life. read more.


Just popping in here to say I learned this new word ~ compersion ~
It is the word for joy felt for seeing the joy of others. It is the opposite of jealousy. Why do we all know schadenfreude, a word I just had to google for a spell check, and not compersion? Then again, perhaps we only see what we are open to . . .

Health is Wealth

One thing to remember every single morning, lest you wish to find an old beggar woman at your door one evening come to curse you with fur and an underbite and turn everyone around you into ottomans and etcetera decor items. read more.

Feel Good Post

Just about all the good things I can think of on this lovely morning, beginning with one very bubbly lil hippo. read more.

When Insurance is A Privilege

In this new world where He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named has assumed power and has been waging war on all the muggles and magic folk who voted against him and replacing all the decorations with gross snake stuff, things have felt heavy. I wrote a Medium article on the movement against universal healthcare, because it is something I feel particularly personal about. read more.


What the world needs now, y'all . . . Be a good role model - Enjoy life! read more.

Seismic Joy

Are you gratitude journaling with a vengeance?! Going to sleep with oh my god so much freaking gratitude it's FINE, OK? Well, cool. That's cool. I have insights and you care, so come read more.

An Ode to Fall Splendor

When suddenly the heat breaks and fall arrives, it is time to ballroom dance with Gomez: Read more.

Lighten Up, Little Bulbs!

Just a reminder that working at The Ministry of Silly Walks would probably serve you far better when the time comes to rate your experience in life than criticizing anything about anyone ever or caring what people say about you because nothing really matters. Read more.

It's Not Easy Being Green

Do you think Kermit would be so beloved if he hated everyone because some people think his greenness is tacky and/or lame? Well, maybe. But I bet Mr. Rogers would be disappointed in him and, if there is one person in the world you don't want to disappoint, it's Mr. Rogers. Wait. I'm sorry. It's you. The one person you don't want to disappoint is yourSELF. Read more.

Bow Down, Bitches

A rambling post about my continual undermining of the majesty of my existence and trying to foster a younger mentality that seeks nothing but the goodness in life. Read more.

I have to share this article. It's like my brain is a field of tall grass that is probably harboring raptors and complaints are my trail of panic that I have worn down with a lifetime of dashing through in the same pattern on account of the raptors, but the path is rocky, totally bad for my knees, and every time it leads to a rancid bog in a sandy, dead forest where cute animals go to to be eaten alive. However, new paths with packs of wild bulldog puppies and, I dunno, probably Hogwarts and stuff might be uncovered if I only remember to consider my behavior mindfully. Seek thee a bogless mind! Read it here.

Tut Tut Get Out of That Rut

Make your world a better place because you can! Read more.

Change the Way You Look at Problems

A lot of problems are things that can be fixed, even just by thinking about them differently. So get ready, celery, ongoing problem in my life. This is your chance to be more than a monster come to be disgusting-flavored and fill unsuspecting stomachs with negative caloric value, basically making black holes in people just trying to be healthy. Read more.

Live that Luxurious Life

PSA! If you feel bitter, get over it! We must all take time off to travel or, as this article does well in pointing out, you'll die full of regrets.
But read my article instead and/or also. Read more.

On the Weekend

I watched the movie about the old men who write a bucket list together and now I am an expert on living before you die. Read more.

Queen of the Deep

Just because you dolled up your life and confidence like Honey Boo Boo, doesn't mean it should be the subject of a TV show because the damage that would do to its immature psyche would be unconscionable. Also, nobody cares. The real lesson here and in all of life is to not trust reality TV. Read more.


Here is some brain food to help bring about palliative mirages when you're suffering and dehydrated because life is just one big desert. Read more.

Don't Magical Think, Ya Dink

Have you jinxed yourself into speeding tickets, bad days, and poor performances like I have? Of course you haven't, silly, because that's crazy talk! Read more.

Who Do You Want to Be?

I want to be Beyonce. Here I tell you how. JK. Or am I? I am. Spoiler: I am NOT! But, duh, be real. Read more.

It's Gunna Work Out Fine

Is it, though? Don't ask me. I'm only here because I'm just as panicked as you are. Read more.

Public Magnifique-ing

There is no trick to public speaking. If you have to do it, you're doomed. Let us feel doomed together. Read more.

Every Day Vacations

These tips will just have to make do until VR is more readily available and we can all just escape into exquisite simulations of a reality that is BETTER, never having to remove our headsets and face the real world again. Read more.

I, Wonder Woman

How does anyone ever have a baby and get anything done? My confusion mounts in this post that marvels at the costs of parenthood. Read more.

Doing What You Want

My rudest post, by far. Read more.

Vacation Station

Do not, I REPEAT, do NOT age with oodles of vacation time saved up that you.have.not.used. Why would you do that? See what your vacation time can do for you. Read more.

Snap Out of the Week Daze

I know you've never cared much for Tuesday in the past, but it's totally the up and coming thing. Think about giving Tuesday a second chance and be a leader! Read more.

An Experience in Minimizing

I cut my living space in half like a body in a box and I never even went to clown college! Here's how! Read more.

Idolizing Goldie Hawn

Here! Have someone to let inspire you when you worry you're becoming the worst version of yourself. Like when you eat the whole brie and choose to prolong your Netflix binge instead of walk the dog and then you glare at everyone for thinking they are better but doooont't even act like you don't do the saaaame thing, Mr. High and Mighty! Read more.

Creative Barrenness

How to not phone it in when your brain goes on vacation. Join the 21st century and text instead, you metathesiophobiac. Read more.

October First

The full extent of my obsession with Halloween has yet to be uncovered. Read more.

Buffering Big Changes

I started a new job in a new career and then promptly took a trip to my Pilgrim motherland. I am here to tell you it is the solution to all your problems. Read more.

It's My Favorite Day of the Year

You know how summer in Texas starts to feel like a hair dryer, a really big one, is being aimed right at you for months and months and whoever is holding it is just sure you will come out of your hole like a mouse for long enough that you will finally die? Here be an ode to the day when that invisible bastard gives up. Read more.

Impostor Syndrome

Because I suddenly work as a programmer, obvs. I tricked them into hiring me! Read more.

Just a friendly reminder that you aren't here forever. Read more.

The Opposite of Hallelujah

The annual Texan August lull is upon us all. Upon us all. Upon us all. Read more.

Risk-Taking for the Safely Insecure

Posted: August 8, 2015

This post is fo' the ladies who feel like dumpsters! Read more.

The Career Path to Being Harry Potter

Posted: August 6, 2015

There is no such thing. But I just got back from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and it totally does do to dwell on dreams and forget to live. Read more.

All Aboard

Posted: July 22, 2015

Don't sit there gawking at the dehydrated remains of your enthusiasm and dreams, shriveling under the power of apathetic reality! Hop on the Peter Diamandis train towards a bright, bright future where we all are 100 year-old, problem-solving, very very cool babes in 60 year-old bodies. Read more.

When You're Just a Big People Magazine on the Inside

Posted: April 19, 2015

When maybe you suspect you have begun to know more about Gwyneth Paltrow than cooking. Read more.

Danger Toast

Posted: April 10, 2015

This may or may not be entirely about my preoccupation with the fact that there are spiders everywhere in my apartment. Read more.

You're Never Wrong!

Posted: April 8, 2015

It's hard to trust any information when no one seems to really know what they're talking about. So, you're the boss! Read more.


Posted: April 7, 2015

Turn your nightmares into lightmares at Hollywood Upstairs Medical College! Read more.

I Am Tired

Posted: April 6, 2015

This week has been massively unproductive for me. This post is how I'm nipping it in the bud. Read more.

Good Brain

Posted: March 19, 2015

Our brains are addicted to laziness like it is heroin and science tells us why. Read more.

So You Sold Your Soul for a Donut

Posted: March 17, 2015

Bad decisions lead to bad behavior. Don't add to the fray! Even it out, add some patches and wear it like Spring 2015 fashion jeans making you look good because you are fabulous. Or hem it. Whatever, YOU decide. This is a severely flawed metaphor. Please, read more.

Victory Post!!!

Posted: March 9, 2015

This is just to celebrate a very satisfying success in this alien language that is coding! The sidebar... is working. It was quite the unexpected struggle. You think it'll be quick like a lion biting the jugular, but no no... it slashes at you here...Or maybe across the belly, spilling your intestines. The point is, you are alive when it starts to eat you. So you know, try to show a little respect. Sidebars. Kapow.

Oh, Alice

Posted: March 8, 2015

Sometimes, extra measures must be taken in order to remain calm. Read more

You Weren't Born to Love the Suburbs

I went to a meet-up in Austin all about why suburban sprawl has been bad for the economy and humanity as a whole. We're doomed. Read more

Keeping Away the Bears

A metaphoric representation of self-jeopardizing thoughts as bears, which eventually leads to a discussion on how to enslave and turn them into free labor. Read more

Changes in Attitudes, Changes in Platitudes

Everyone has a job they hate at some point or another. How can we make the best of a losing situation? Read more

Culture: The Antidote

I used to think my life was better spent in isolation, doing puzzles, drinking bottles of sangria and watching entire series, like Star Trek and Scrubs. Why would I ever walk away from that lifestyle? Read more

First Post!
Stockholm Syndrome for the Comfortable

Posted: February 25, 2015
I have been in a rut. Most people go through them at some point or another. The trouble was I snuggling into the little imprint of comfort a little too much. I'm working on it, though. Read more


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